Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ethan Kole is HERE!!

All of our waiting and agony has finally ended!!! 
 I decided to just share the whole story, cuz who doesn't love a birth story? 
We went in to be induced at 530 am, Feb. 17th, which is also Andrews birthday!! We were excited to have our little guy on this day, and Andrews looked forward to this major birthday gift.  I was feeling anxious and more scared about this third labor then any other.  Why is this? I couldn't wait to have the other two....
They took us back to our room right away and got things started stat.  They asked if I wanted an epidural and administered it before I ever even felt an actual contraction. 
 The discomfort of being numb was a little scary, but after an hour or so it got easier and I was able to relax. I was nauseated and threw up a few times, but thats old news for me, lol, and I started to feel a little better by the time the Dr came in to break my water. Not long after that, I could tell it was time to be checked again. I was a 10 and ready... and here comes the best part... I pushed 1 time. What? yes, 1 time. The dr said "push" and I did, and he was here. It was the easiest delivery I could ever imagine. 
The instant I saw him I recognized him, like Ive known him forever. I couldn't believe how much he looked like my other babies and I wept as I was suddenly over come with love and gratitude.
7.6 pounds 19 inches long
 I couldn't wait for our boys to get there and meet their new brother.

 The day was full of sweet moments and pure happiness. 
I felt so great, I couldn't wait to get out of the hospital and start to live again.

 Look how perfect and adorable this little guy is.
 The next day we were all cleared and ready to go home!! 


Jan's Blog said...

He's beautiful. What a darling family. I won't tell my niece, who is expecting her third child (second boy) about the whole 1 push part. She might not take it well, but I sure am glad for you. After all you go through in your pregnancies it seems a fitting end to this pregnancy. Love to all.

Kris said...

Thank you for sharing the birth story. He is a blessed little guy to have you as a mother. Love you!