Monday, November 16, 2015

Aiden's 6th birthday!!!

This little cutie turned 6 years old today! 
He loved waking up to the snow this morning and when Andrew told him it was snowing just for him, he was so excited. :) 

One of the first things Aiden said after waking up was, "mom, guess what??!! I'm not little anymore!!" (In a very excited & squeaky voice). He's been very ready to turn 6 for a long time. 

I can't even begin to imagine how boring life would be without his funny questions and witty answers. He makes me happy everyday. I'm the luckiest mom ever. 
Here he is with his requested Pokemon Poke'ball cake, it tasted better than it looks, ...but I tried. Whatever his birthday wish was, I hope it comes true!

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