Monday, December 14, 2015

8 is great!

...and just like that, I blinked and have an 8 year old! I can't believe those years flew by so fast! This year he asked for very mature things and not the typical, Legos, Pokemon cards, remote control- type stuff. :( I felt so sad that he didn't want toys this year and I'm hoping I still have a few kid years left to "play" with him. 

This year was all about his new favorite obsession, Football! So he asked for a football cake, football jerseys, football helmets, football cards and football team shirts and hats. Geez, that's a lot of football, right? It's is a very new area for me, I'm trying to keep up. We spent the night organizing all his new football cards into teams and I learned ALOT . 
He is such a special kid. His heart is tender and he empthazes well with people. He has a desire to obey and always try's his hardest to make good choices. He loves to play with everyone and never lets anyone feel left out. He's the best big brother and shares everything with his little brothers. They adore him. He's happy and bright and just, pretty darn adorable. Happy 8th birthday, Ashton!

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